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MBBKA Honey Sales

Welcome to the sweetest corner of our website!

As Mary Poppins once said – “A spoon full of honey’ll help anything go down…” And it just so happens that MBBKA have a few… spoons full, that is ! Sold in handy jars !

Welcome to MBBKA Honey

We are delighted to introduce you to the MBBKA’s very own honey, where nature’s purest nectar meets the artistry of our dedicated beekeepers.

Our Beekeeping Association has been a labour of love, cultivating the art of beekeeping for generations. With deep respect for the invaluable work of our buzzing friends, we’ve nurtured thriving colonies of honeybees, ensuring their well-being and the quality of the honey they produce.

So it is with great pride that we now offer you the chance to savour the fruits of our bees’ labour.

Our honey isn’t just a product; it’s a testament to our commitment to sustainable, ethical, and delicious beekeeping.

Each jar carries the essence of countless wildflowers, orchards, and gardens, bringing the vibrant flavors of nature directly to your table. Our honey is a celebration of the delicate dance between bees and blooms, a dance that we’ve cherished and nurtured.We invite you to explore the rich, golden world of our honey, where every spoonful tells a story of nature’s wonders and the dedication of our beekeepers.

By choosing our honey, you’re not only savouring a sweet delicacy, but also supporting ethical beekeeping practices that promote the health of our pollinators and the environment.

So, welcome to the hive, and let your taste buds embark on a journey through the fragrant, diverse landscapes of our Beekeeping Association’s honey. Your palate is in for a treat, and our bees, the true heroes of this story, thank you for your support.

Explore our golden collection, savour the magic of nature, and become part of our beekeeping family.

Where Can You Buy MBBKA Honey ?

Currently (or shortly) available from the following outlets…

Kings Farmshop, Aylesbury
J&J Butchers, Warners End, Hemel Hempstead
Worlds Finest Fruits, Dobbies Garden Centre, Aylesbury
Waterton Butchers, Tring

Better get yours fast, ‘cos it’s buzzin’ off the shelves!!

MBBKA Honey is produced at the association's training apiary in Stoke Mandeville - between Aylesbury and Aston Clinton.

The bees that reside in the MBBKA teaching apiary are managed by Master Beekeepers, Experienced Beekeepers and Beginner Beekeepers, so the bees that produce the association’s own honey are very well looked after.

At the MBBKA we are also supporting our local beekeeping members by selling their honey on their behalf  through our stockists. The benefit is, not only are we able to provide more honey, but it means that our members also have an already established outlet through which to sell their own honey.

The money made from selling our own honey goes directly back to maintaining the health and living standards of our bees and into the education and outreach initiatives of the association to increase knowledge and understanding of these crucial pollinators. So you can be assured you are getting the best honey for your money and the cost is reinvested into the community in the Mid Bucks area.

What to look for on the shelves...

Who do I speak to about buying MBBKA honey ?

...either for myself or for stocking in a retail outlet ?

If you are interested in buying our honey, please contact our Honey Sales Officer, either…

Important – Please note…

As we practice ethical, conscientious and responsible beekeeping, and that honey is a weather-dependant crop, we harvest only what we know the bees are able to spare, knowing that the bees will continue to thrive under our stewardship. As a result, we are unable to guarantee quantities available for sale or when our honey might be available. And further, as we will harvest as necessary and appropriate in any year, the honey will vary every year in its source of floral nectars, so colours, flavours and textures will change year on year… and sometimes within the same year.