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Welcome to the enchanting world of beekeeping, where the gentle hum of bees becomes the soundtrack to your journey into the fascinating realm of apiculture.
This beginner’s course in beekeeping is your gateway to a captivating and rewarding hobby that not only connects you with the natural world but also plays a pivotal role in supporting our ecosystems and food production.

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a gardener eager to boost your garden or allotment, or simply someone seeking a meaningful and sustainable pastime, this course will provide you with the essential knowledge and hands-on skills to start your beekeeping adventure.

With guidance from experienced beekeepers and a focus on the fundamentals, you’ll soon find yourself immersed in the mesmerizing world of bees, from understanding their complex societies to tending to your very own hive.

Join us as we embark on a journey that will not only offer a deeper understanding of these remarkable insects but also empower you to become a steward of their well-being and guardians of our natural environment.

As we open the door to this captivating world of beekeeping, we welcome you to a fulfilling and environmentally conscious experience that will leave you buzzing with excitement.

New Beekeepers Course

The MBBKA runs a beginners’ course each year to help new beekeepers learn the craft of beekeeping as well as helping established beekeepers improve their skills.

This course will give the new beekeeper a good working knowledge of both the theory and practical aspects of beekeeping.

The theory part of the course will be held over six evening sessions usually starting in March. 

From April 29th onwards (weather dependent, naturally) there will be regular practical sessions at our Teaching Apiary near Aylesbury. These sessions provide experience with handling bees under the guidance of experienced beekeepers.

The course also offers a Woodworking session to help advise on building hive parts. And, assuming the association has a honey crop, a honey extraction workshop.

There is no obligation to take up beekeeping at the end of the course but if you decide you want to, the Association can help you decide advise on the best equipment to purchase and how to obtain your first colony of bees.

If you are interested in taking part in the next Beginners’ Course, please contact our Beginners Course organiser either…

Significant dates for the 2024 Beginners’ Course.

The Theory Session dates (40 places, all Mondays) will be:
• 11 Mar – opening night !
• 18 Mar
• 25 Mar
• 8 Apr
• 15 Apr
• 22 Apr
These sessions usually start about 7 for 7:30… tbc…

The Practical Sessions dates (12 places per session, mixed days):
• Mon 29 Apr
• Sat 4 May
• Mon 13 May
• Mon 20 May
• Sat 25 May
• Mon 27 May
• Mon 3 Jun
• Mon 10 Jun
• Sat 15 Jun
• Mon 17 Jun
• Mon 24 Jun

Start times for each session may change due to weather, so please look out for confirmation closer to the date.

Cost- £90

Additional Days.

There will also a be Woodworking session – which this year is May 18th. See our Events listing.

And towards the end of the summer there will also be a Honey Extraction day, date will be determined by the weather.

Booking – General public admission has now closed and the course has commenced.

Registration for 2025 will open in December.

The role of the "Novice Beekeeper"

Each year the MBBKA Committee look for a new learner from that year’s intake of the MBBKA Beginners Course to join the committee to become the Novice Beekeeper for the following year. This a committee-based role and you can attend committee meetings and bring your thoughts on how the MBBKA is being run. 

This is also a great opportunity to help with the following year’s beginners, who might have questions and queries and are looking for someone as new to beekeeping as they are, to whom they can table questions and concerns which they might feel they’re not comfortable raising with older or more experienced beekeepers. You are the “go to guy (or girl !)” for that beekeeping season !!

This year’s Novice Beekeeper is Simon – “My adventures began in 2023, when I took over bees at a local flower farm, having completed our beginners course. They are in the middle of agricultural land and produced a good honey harvest, but with many associated beekeeping challenges. I’m always happy to chat and discuss all things beekeeping related!”

You can contact Simon directly by email on the address –