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Mid Bucks BKA and the Bucks County
Honey Show 2023

Each year the Mid Bucks BKA, as do all the other local Bucks BKA Associations, holds its annual Honey Show, where all manner of hive products and output is displayed, honey and honey products tasted, stories are exchanged and back’s patted!

2023 was no exception !!

The 2023 MBBKA & Bucks County Honey Show

2023 saw the Mid Bucks BKA host not only our own Honey Show, but the Bucks County Honey Show as well. This took place on Saturday 9th September at The Nuffield Pavilion, RAF Halton, Swann Road, Wendover and was judged by Claire O’Brien and Sue Lang.

The running order for the day was…

  • 09:00 – doors opened
  • 10:30 – judging
  • 11:00Talk: Anne Benson – bee diseases and counting varroa (with practical demonstrations)
  • 13:00Talk & Demonstration: Caroline Luxford – making mead
  • 13:45Workshop: Sean Stephenson – candle making
  • 15:20 – Prize-giving

Saturday, September 9th, was a scorcher ! In a late flush of summer, the week leading up to the show had seen the temperatures nudging 33/34℃. Many said it was “too little, too late“, but it was nice to be back wearing shorts, albeit if only for a few days !

As well as it being the annual MBBKA Honey Show, Mid Bucks BKA was hosting the Bucks County Beekeepers honey show as part of the usual round-robin of the County Show – High Wycombe last year, Chalfonts the next. We also had a change of venue – previously the show had been held at Butler’s Cross in the Ellesborough village hall. This year it was at the Nuffield Pavilion at RAF Halton, and the larger venue enabled a different layout and the inclusion of some talks and work-shops.

The venue opened on Friday evening to allow entries to be labelled and staged and the judging commenced at 10am Saturday morning, with the first speaker, Anne Benson, starting at 11am with a talk about natural varroa resistance in honey bees. Getting the audience to use coloured cards to show a response to questions at various points in her talk, the presentation was as entertaining as it was informative. Breeding a natural resistance to varroa in honey bees is an outcome everyone would favour and Anne had a few sources of information that we can all benefit from.

Anne has very kindly let us retain a copy of her presentation should anybody want to access this. 

After a short break for lunch, Caroline Luxford’s talk on mead was very timely as tasters were handed round and then Caroline went on to show just how easy it is to actually make mead… although she could do nothing about the 4 year wait ’til it’s ready to drink!

The final talk & workshop was given by Sean Stephenson on wax and candles. With a raft of tricks and “Heath Robinson”-style gadgets, Sean showed all how he filters wax and overcoming some of the issues with making various candles using plastic and silicone moulds. The utilisation of a portable induction hob is something we could all see the advantage of having in our sheds.

As judging concluded in the other room, the prizes were determined and awards presented after 3pm. The results will be released here in the coming days.

With many thanks to Jane Newman, MBBKA Honey Show Secretary, to all those who kindly provided cakes and manned the kitchen, and to all those willing helpers from MBBKA for staging the show and especially to RAF Halton for providing such superb facilities.

The MBBKA Honey Show
2023 Results.
The BCBKA Honey Show
2023 Results.