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Mid Bucks BKA retains a contact list of members of the association who would be happy to receive a swarm of honey bees to repopulate their apiary that have been collected by a MBBKA swarm collection volunteer.

Below is the application form to submit your request for bees to the MBBKA.

Please note that your membership details will be checked and you should appear on a map used by swarm placement co-ordinators within 36 hours.

Please note that the picture to the left is for illustrative purposes and bees will not be handed over in this manner !!

Yes, I would be willing and I'm all set to receive bees please !!

To be added to the list of people ready and able to accept honey bee swarms taken by a South Bucks Swarm Collection Volunteer, please send in your contact details using the form below. Your membership details will be checked and you should appear on the map within 36 hours.

Please note: it is very important that you have a hive set-up and ready to receive bees.

This form can be used to add your details for being a recipient of honey bee swarms from the South Bucks Honey Bee Swarm Collection Service or, if you if wish to be removed from this map, you can also request that using this form as well.

* denotes a mandatory field. The other fields are optional.
This is the name you wish to be used when being contacted by the public (e.g. Joe or Mr Bloggs).
Your membership will be checked ahead of you being listed as a collector on this service,
so using a name known to your local association will assist greatly. 😉
This field will NOT be displayed on the map, but only used for us to contact you.
The main telephone number you are happy to be contacted on.

If you no longer wish to appear on this swarm collecting map, you need only select this option and select the Update My Details button at the bottom and you will be removed.

This field is optional.

Amend/Add your additional details below...

To be eligible to receive swarms from this service you MUST be a member of one of the county associations.
Please note that your membership will be checked ahead of you being listed as a collector on this service.
This will be used to locate the area where you are on the map.
This can be a post code, a nearby postcode, a village name, or map co-ordinates as you are happy to submit.
It is the intention of this map NOT to be able to identify a particular place of residence.
When you are happy that the changes you have made are correct, please press the Update My Details button below.
You can return and make whatever changes you would like at any time by returning to this page or email

For the purposes of GDPR by pressing Update My Details on this form you are consenting to have the information you are submitting (excl. email) shared on a map for the purposes of the MBBKA contacting you in relation to receiving honey bee swarms.
Your data will not be used for any other purpose and will never be shared with any other organisation.
You can change the information you submit, or be removed from this map, whenever you choose by sending in any change(s) you require on this form or by emailing

Any queries, please email