The Mid Bucks Beekeepers Association runs courses each year to help new beekeepers learn the craft of beekeeping and established beekeepers improve their skills.

BBKA Basic Assessment

Covering the basic skills and knowledge of beekeeping, the BBKA Basic Assessment is an excellent course for beekeepers wanting to consolidate their working knowledge of beekeeping as well as a proven way for established beekeepers to bring themselves up to date with such things as disease management.  It is also is the starting point and entry requirement for all other BBKA examinations and assessments.

Training dates for the basic assessment will be announced in early 2020.

The training  will cover the four sections of the assessment:

  • manipulation and equipment,
  • natural history and beekeeping,
  • swarming and swarm control,
  • diseases and pests.

For the Basic Assessment Prospectus click here; for the syllabus, click here.

You can attend the training session without going on to sit the formal assessment.  There is no charge for the training session but there is a fee of £20 for the final assessment.  If you do decide to take the formal assessment, please note that there will also be an opportunity for a mock assessment with one of our more experienced beekeepers before taking the actual assessment.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact Jonathan Matthews at

BBKA Certificates

The British Beekeeping Association (BBKA) operate a full educational programme of practical and written examinations leading to becoming a Master Beekeeper. Each year Mid Bucks operates a study programme for one or two modules of the BBKA Syllabus.

The benefit to the association and to beekeeping within the region of members studying for BBKA certificates is that it ensures that we have sufficient knowledge within our association to provide support to our members.

BBKA General Husbandry

Our Association is participating in the Bucks County BKA General Husbandry training programme. The training is run over two weekends and is aimed at experienced beekeepers who wish to enhance their skills and possibly sit the General Husbandry Assessment the following year. Full details of the course can be found here.

New Beekeepers Course

This course will give the new beekeeper a good working knowledge of both the theory and practical aspects of beekeeping. The theory part of the course will be held over six evening sessions usually starting at the end of February.

From Mid April onwards (weather dependent) there will be regular practical sessions at our Teaching Apiary near Aylesbury. These provide experience handling bees under the guidance of an experienced beekeeper.

There is no obligation to take up beekeeping at the end of the course but if you decide you want to, the Association can advise on the best equipment to purchase and how to obtain your first colony of bees.

For further information please contact or to book a place please click here.