A key part of Beekeeping today is ensuring one is up to date with the environment in which we operate. This includes such things as the equipment, the awareness of bee life cycles, production and sale of honey and of course diseases.

Over the years we have built up a comprehensive library comprising books and video material, which is available to our members. To borrow an item or for further information please contact

The association places a lot of emphasis on education, initially through its Beginners Course which we recommend for all new Beekeepers or people interested in but not sure if they wish to take up Beekeeping. Once you become an established Beekeeper and would like to learn more the Association recommends you follow the BBKA training programme as a way of continual learning.

Outside of the Association we have stands at several events throughout the year where we promote Beekeeping and more specifically we promote Beekeeping in the classroom in conjunction with local schools.

If you are interested in any of our programmes please contact our Education Officer