We welcome everyone who is interested in bees – you do not have to be a beekeeper in order to join the MBBKA.

We provide a varied programme of winter meetings, practical help with beekeeping and advice on many beekeeping matters including the supply of bees and equipment to those planning to take up beekeeping. Partners and family of all member grades are welcome to attend local Association events. Annual subscriptions are due on 1st. November.

2016/17 Fees

Full Membership:  £30.00
For members keeping bees. Includes BBKA membership with a monthly magazine, Public & Product Liability Insurance & Theft Insurance for members’ hives.

Family Membership:  £45.00
As for Full Membership, but includes additional ‘partner’ membership of the BBKA (no additional magazine) with full insurance cover for a partner or family member at the same address also keeping bees, collecting swarms etc.

Associate Membership:  £12.00
For those with an interest in the craft of beekeeping and Association activities, but not currently keeping bees. Also for beekeepers who are Full Members of another association. To upgrade to Full/Family membership please download and complete the MBBKA upgrade form 2017

Want to Renew or Join?
Please download and complete the MBBKA membership form 2017