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The Mid Bucks Beekeepers Association was founded in 1946 to serve the needs of Beekeepers in the central area of Buckinghamshire bounded by Great Missenden to the south, Winslow to the north, the counties of Herts and Oxon to the east and west. With more than 200 members the Association has a thriving and active membership who strive to support their fellow beekeepers as well as providing related educational services to the wider community.

We hold meetings on the third Wednesday of the month, during the winter invited speakers present on different aspects of beekeeping as well as other general topics. During the summer the meetings are of a more practical nature and are held at our Training Apiary in the outskirts of Aylesbury.

There are 4 area Beekeeping Associations within Buckinghamshire which form the county Association supporting over 500 beekeepers across Bucks.

We run a  New Beekeepers Course each year starting in February, if you are interested in joining our 2018 course please contact beginnerscourse@mbbka.org.uk

If you have received an MBBKA Wild Flower Seed packet instructions can be found here.
Swarms MBBKA Area Membership
As an Association we run a swarm hotline for members of the public who discovered a swarm.
Before calling the number please first go to the BBKA website to confirm that you have actually discovered a swarm of honeybees. Last year of 80% of the calls we received were for Bumblebees which we cannot help you with.
The swarm number is:

07770 370132
MBBKA Area Map

Membership of the is open to all who have an interest in bees and beekeeping. We provide a varied programme of winter meetings, practical help with beekeeping & advice on many beekeeping matters. Partners & family of all member grades are welcome to attend local Association events. For further information can be found here.

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